Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser  Medium Walnut - Compact

Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Medium Walnut - Compact

£280.00 Regular Price
£120.00Sale Price

• Professional dispenser mechanism. 

• Easy to use, hands-free solution.

• Option to customize your units with branding.

• Reduce points of contact for staff and customers.

• Sleek wooden enclosure.

• Powered coated steel internal mechanism.

• Supplied with a 2.5 litre refillable bottle.

• Optional service contract available for sanitiser refills.


Every business now needs to have hand sanitiser available, we are a company that specialises in foot pedal operated hand sanitiser dispensers for commercial and retail purposes. Our product is unique to the UK, and has a professional & sleek appearance.


Sanitiser Features:

• 100% mechanical operation.

• Variety of stylish wooden enclosures.

• No installation necessary (Unless you require the optional ground anchor).

• No power supply required.

• Large capacity storage.

• Easy to refill.

• Durable metal mechanism.

• Free standing - Place this anywhere.

• Bottles are secured behind a lock.

• Accepts to a wide variety of sanitiser bottles.



• Protect your clients/staff with the most hygienic solution in the market, as there is no point of contact.

• Each disperser is supplied with a 2500 ml refillable bottle with a pump (gel sanitiser sold separately), these are also available for order.

• 100% hand contact free as it is operated by a foot pedal, it comes with a reusable bottle that can be filled with any hand sanitiser gel, liquid or hand soap (sold separately).

• The mechanism accepts a wide of sanitiser bottles. ( Maximum :16 cm x 17cm diameter, and 40 cm height)

• The bottle is secured with an adjustable fixture at the top and bottom.


Sanitiser placement:

The professional design will blend in well with your premises. Our product is suitable for:

• Commercial business

• Public areas

• Workplaces

• Hospitality industry

• Retail

• Schools

• And many more.